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Creaform – VXtrack

VXtrack also comes with a C-Track, which together forms a complete portable 3D measurement solution.

Thanks to VXtrack, you will accelerate your manufacturing and quality control processes—from assembly control and monitoring to crash-test dummy applications. It accurately and efficiently measures the positions and orientations of reflectors in space; all measurements can be taken simultaneously and accurately.​

This makes it possible to control displacements, drive assembly processes or measure deformations.



  • Rate of up to 6600 3D points per second
  • 6 DOF measuring (position and orientation) of a rigid set of reflectors
  • Synchronous measurement of the reflector set
  • Measuring volume from 9.1 to 16.6 m3(320 to 586 ft.3)
  • Real-time curve display in VXelements
  • Acquisition synchronization capability through external trigger input
  • Export to .csv format

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